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Why Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

You have probably heard news stories or watched TV shows about people who decided to defend themselves in court. Defending yourself, or proceeding pro se, is an option in most situations, but it is rarely the wisest choice. The criminal justice system is full of pitfalls and hazards that nonlawyers simply do not know about. Even if you think your case is minor, you should talk to an attorney to find out what he or she might be able to do to help.

Experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers

At The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs, our lawyers are former prosecutors. We have handled cases where defendants represented themselves, and it rarely went well for them. The laws of Colorado and the United States give accused criminals many rights, but it usually takes a lawyer to explain what those rights are and how they apply. Do not risk forfeiting your rights by representing yourself.

Why Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal defense is much more than standing up in court and arguing a case. Most of the actual work involves researching, writing, filing paperwork and clearing procedural hurdles before the case ever gets to trial. Missing a deadline or following an incorrect procedure can greatly jeopardize your case, even if you have a strong one.

Generally, only attorneys know how to access the vast amount of information that goes into a case: statutes, judicial opinions interpreting those statutes, reports from police and various agencies. An attorney has a network of people upon whom he or she can rely to find witnesses, gather evidence and do the real legwork of building a defense.

Would you know how to find the answer to questions like these:

  • Was that DUI checkpoint legal?
  • Did the police have a right to search the vehicle for drugs during a traffic stop?
  • Did the police need a warrant to search the house or do they have a valid reason for not having a warrant?
  • When should a defendant accept a plea bargain?

The list of questions that comes up in criminal cases is never-ending. Answering them requires time and resources that most people simply do not have. Your future is far too important to take the risk of going it alone. Equip yourself for a fight by teaming up with an experienced lawyer who will be on your side when no one else is.

Unsure About Hiring A Lawyer? Getting More Information Is The First Step.

If you think you need a lawyer in a criminal case, chances are you are right. Call The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs to discuss your situation. Please call us at 719-757-1182 or contact us via email.

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