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When your liberties and livelihood are on the line in a criminal case — when the experience and skills of your defense attorney can spell the difference between success and failure, between acquittal and conviction — you can trust a former prosecutor to guide your case and counter the prosecution, in and out of court.

In Colorado Springs, El Paso County and throughout the Pikes Peak region, the skilled advocates at The Foley Law Firm will draw upon their 30 years of combined trial experience to build the strongest defense possible. They will investigate every detail of the charges against you, looking carefully for any sign that your constitutional rights were violated. We will be prepared to creatively negotiate with prosecutors, or if necessary, to aggressively advocate for you in court.

Timing is essential if your rights are to be protected. The state could be building a credible case against you even as you read this. Call The Foley Law Firm today at 719-757-1182 to arrange your initial consultation.

If you reach us after you have been arrested, we will visit you at a jail or police station if necessary.

Experienced, Aggressive Defense Lawyers Protecting Your Rights

Probably more than any other area of the law, obtaining a seasoned attorney (and quickly) is most important with criminal defense matters. With decades of experience, our defense lawyers will be there for you every step of the way. Our law firm handles a wide range of criminal defense charges.

Our dedicated criminal defense law firm places special focus on practice areas, including:

Drug-related charges — Our law firm defends against all types of drug crimes, including possession of drugs, drug manufacturing and drug distribution.

Drunk driving/DUI/DWI — Whether you were under the influence of alcohol or marijuana, we defend DWI-related charges and other types of traffic violations.

Theft charges — From burglary and armed robbery to internet and identity theft crimes, we can help you.

Felony offenses — Serious crimes such as homicide, aggravated assault and other violent crimes involving gun charges require serious criminal defense.

Juvenile and college student crimes — Whether you are underage and require juvenile defense, you have been caught underage drinking or face a more serious charge, we can help.

Domestic violence charges — We help our clients fight charges involving alleged spousal abuse, domestic violence by military service members and other types of domestic abuse charges.

Veterans Court — Our firm helps troubled veterans turn their lives around by providing results-oriented representation in Colorado Springs Veterans Trauma Court.

Don’t speak to law enforcement until you have spoken with us — and don’t surrender your future without a fight. Because the stakes are high and the potential punishments severe, you need a strong and effective defense team fighting for you.

The Foley Law Firm will work tirelessly to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

Information You Need To Know When Facing Criminal Charges

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about criminal defense appear below. You may have questions specific to your case. Call us at 719-757-1182 for answers today.

I’ve been charged with a crime. What do I do now?

You should immediately contact an experienced criminal law attorney. Do not discuss your case with anyone until after you’ve consulted with an attorney. Always be wary of a pretext phone call from someone wanting to discuss the details of the case with you. This usually comes from the complaining witness or named victim. This call is being conducted and recorded by law enforcement with the sole purpose of using your statements against you in court.

Should I talk to the police or make a statement?

NEVER EVER talk to the police or make a statement without consulting an attorney first. Often there isn’t enough evidence to make a case against you. Anything you say can and will be used against you. That’s why they want to talk to you. It’s usually offered as an “opportunity to help yourself” or “tell your side of the story”. Nothing could be further from the truth. You have a constitutional right to remain silent. Politely decline the offer and consult an attorney immediately.

My ____ has been arrested. What can I do to get them out of jail?

One option is to go to the jail and pay cash for the full amount of the bond. In most cases, you will get the bond money back after the case is completed. This is a reasonable option for smaller bond amounts. Specific details are normally provided by the jail staff.

Another option is to contact a local bail bondsman. Most are available 24/7 and can provide you basic information on the overall bonding process. You pay the bondsman a fee and only a percentage of the bond. The bondsman then posts or pays the full amount of the bond. Terms and fees vary and are usually negotiable. You normally do not get your money back after the case is completed.

Always consult with the bondsman or the jail staff for specific details regarding bond.

When do I have a right to an attorney?

The Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees that every person has the right to counsel at the initiation of criminal proceedings. These criminal proceedings include questioning, interrogation, physical examination, arraignment or a hearing.

For example, if you are in custody and being interrogated, you have the constitutional right to ask to speak to an attorney. When you make this request, the interrogation must stop and cannot resume again until you have consulted an attorney.

When being questioned about a potential crime, you should always politely decline any request to answer questions or make a statement. You should always ask to consult an attorney.

Should I get an attorney for my criminal case?

Yes, absolutely. Often a criminal case can result in you being jailed or imprisoned. In addition to jail or imprisonment, there are a tremendous amount of hidden or unforeseen short-term and long-term negative consequences. You have the best chance of getting your charges dismissed or lessened when you hire an experienced criminal attorney. There is no substitute for experience.

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There is no better time than right now to start getting the seasoned criminal defense lawyers you need after being charged with a crime.

Contact us to schedule your consultation with a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Colorado Springs. We are battle-tested former prosecutors who can help you. Call 719-757-1182.

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