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Domestic Violence Lawyers In Colorado Springs

For civilians, a police visit to your home after a complaint of domestic violence means someone is going to jail. A domestic abuse conviction carries serious consequences for your right to own a firearm, opportunity to secure housing and employment, access to your children and possible deportation for those of uncertain immigration status.

What A Domestic Violence Charge Means For Members Of The Military

For military members in Colorado — at bases and installations such as Peterson Air Force Base, Fort Carson, Air Force Academy and Schriever Air Force Base — a domestic violence conviction is essentially a “career-ender.” In addition to possible incarceration and heavy fines, your military rank and security clearance would be out the window.

Establish Your Defense Early To Protect Your Rights

Regardless of your role in our society, private individual or service member, if you feel you have been falsely accused of any form of domestic assault — physical, verbal, financial, spousal or child abuse — you have rights that must be protected.

Attorney David W. Foley is just the defense attorney to aggressively protect you. He literally wrote the book on domestic violence in the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s office. He created and implemented the training program for prosecutors, which means he knows their tactics and strategies.

We know how prosecutors think. We can stay one step ahead of them as they attempt to convict and punish you for domestic violence. The Foley Law Firm excels at investigation of your domestic abuse complaint, negotiation with opposing counsel and, if necessary, litigation that sends a strong message on your behalf.

Our skilled criminal defense lawyers serve clients in Teller, Douglas and El Paso counties, and throughout the Pikes Peak region from our downtown Colorado Springs office.

Experienced, Aggressive Legal Representation In Civilian And Military Domestic Violence Cases

Our Colorado Springs domestic violence lawyers bring over 30 years of combined experience to bear in safeguarding your interests if you have been arrested and charged with:

  • Spousal abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Intimidation
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Criminal trespass
  • Physical, verbal or financial abuse
  • Stalking
  • Harassment
  • Terroristic threats
  • Contempt of a protection order

Answers to some commonly asked questions about domestic violence charges appear on our Domestic Violence FAQ page.

Are You Worried How An Abuse Or Harassment Charge Will Impact You? Talk To An Attorney Today.

Are you worried how a domestic violence charge such as domestic assault, harassment or terrorist threats could impact you? It is important you understand the potential consequences of the charges against you and your options for defending yourself. Contact The Foley Law Firm by phone at 719-757-1182 or by email. Our experienced defense lawyers are knowledgeable former prosecutors who can help, beginning with your consultation at a jail or police station following an arrest.

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