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Have you been stopped by law enforcement and arrested for drunk driving, DWI or DWAI in El Paso County, Douglas County or Teller County? Our Colorado Springs defense lawyers bring years of experience as trial lawyers and former prosecutors to the aggressive protection of your rights.

A DUI conviction could ruin your life. At the very least, it will cause you great inconvenience and result in the suspension of your driver’s license, a hefty fine and sharply higher insurance rates. It could make it much more difficult to earn a living. And you will have a permanent criminal record. That’s why you need a strong and effective defense effort.

The Foley Law Firm will fight for you every step of the way. Call 719-757-1182 to arrange for your DUI case review.

DUI Defense That Works

At The Foley Law Firm, we have unique insight into the strategies and tactics of the prosecution. While we excel at negotiation with prosecutors with whom we have harmonious relationships in Colorado courts, we can also outsmart them by anticipating their tactics.

We know the many factors that can go wrong with a drunk driving arrest. There are many ways to overcome a DUI charge — weather and road conditions, a pre-existing medical condition or vehicle malfunction can produce erratic driving, and convince police that they have “probable cause” to arrest you.

Our attorneys will work to discredit dubious arrest procedures or contest strenuous field sobriety exercises that many sober people could not execute. We can examine defective breath test equipment and review the testing procedures, seeking to suppress that evidence. Whenever possible, we seek to obtain dismissals of DUI charges or a reduction to a nonalcohol driving violation.

How To Fight A DUI Charge — What You Need To Know

Many people have misconceptions about DUI charges. Some see them as little more than glorified traffic citations. But in fact, a DUI conviction will have lasting consequences on your life and your job.

The first thing you need to know is that having a DUI on your record will have serious consequences.

In addition to the possibility of jail time, court fines and fees associated with a drunk driving conviction, you will also lose your license for a period of time and have significantly higher car insurance premiums. Even worse, a DUI conviction could impact your job or prevent you from being eligible to work for certain employers. And once you have a DUI conviction on your record, you risk more serious consequences should in the event you are ever arrested again.

Even if you have a clean record and you are being charged for the first time, you should never plead guilty to a DUI charge without talking to an experienced defense attorney.

Second, there is no such thing as a simple DUI.

People who have been charged with a first-time DUI sometimes make the mistake of thinking they have a simple DUI charge. The truth is, DUI cases are complex, and require capable representation from an attorney with extensive DUI defense experience. Your attorney must know Colorado DUI law, understand blood-alcohol chemistry and be ready to challenge the prosecution’s assertions whenever possible.

Third, there are many ways to fight DUI charges.

An attorney can help you by examining the facts of your case to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you. Did the officer have probable cause to believe you were intoxicated? Were there sufficient signs of intoxication to warrant a field sobriety test? Was the field sobriety test conducted properly? Did you burp in the period before your breath test?

These and many other factors could enable your attorney to get the charge dismissed or reduced to a nonalcohol driving offense. If you have been charged with a DUI, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring a skilled defense attorney.

Charged with underage DUI? We can help. Call us today at 719-757-1182.

El Paso County Drunk Driving Attorneys Who Are Former Prosecutors

Our law firm will explore every possible avenue in your defense, arm you with facts and options you should be aware of, and safeguard your interests so you can return to the road, get to your job and continue providing for your family. We will do everything in our power to help you avoid harsh punishments such as suspension or revocation of your Colorado driver’s license, jail time, heavy fines and the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car.

Our DUI FAQ page has answers to commonly asked questions about drunk driving charges.

The Foley Law Firm aggressively fights felony DUI charges, including vehicular assault and vehicular homicide.

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The Foley Law Firm offers informative consultations for people who have been stopped for drunk driving or driving while under the influence of drugs. Our skilled Colorado Springs DUI lawyers can meet you at a police station after your arrest to discuss the details of your case.

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