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Drug Distribution

Drug distribution and trafficking laws continue to be strictly enforced. We know how serious law enforcement and prosecutors are about getting convictions because our attorneys used to be prosecutors in Colorado Springs. We know how they work, and we know how to counter their tactics.

Were you pulled over on Interstate 25? Police officers and state troopers know that I-25 functions as a major drug pipeline, and they often pull people over indiscriminately, searching vehicles without probable cause.

You need a criminal defense attorney immediately. Just telling the truth once you’ve been arrested is not a good idea. We can protect your rights and best interests.

Exercise Your Fifth Amendment Right To Remain Silent

It is critically important to speak to one of our attorneys before telling law enforcement officers anything. Drug distribution charges come with harsh penalties, including steep fines, jail time, probation and a criminal record that will put your life on a completely different course.

We represent adults, college students and juveniles throughout the Pikes Peak region. Don’t get trapped or coerced into confessing anything. No matter how aggressive police are, you have rights, and your two most important rights are the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney.

One of our attorneys can meet with you at the police station, in jail, at your home or in the hospital.

We will examine the circumstances of your arrest for evidence of illegal search and seizure, lack of probable cause, planted evidence, police not following proper procedure and more. A conviction on charges of drug distribution or possession with intent to sell heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, prescription drugs or other narcotics can be avoided and penalties can be minimized.

Even Habitual Offenders Have Defense Options

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