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No-contact Orders

A no-contact order stems from the no-contact agreement that you would have signed along with the opposing party. Cases involving domestic violence accusations often come to us in the context of divorce or separation.

No-Contact Agreements In Colorado

Many attorneys will advise their clients to seek restraining orders (you may be the subject of a restraining order as well), but restraining orders don’t necessarily become permanent. Restraining orders can be used as leverage in child custody disputes, but no-contact orders can prevent you from seeing your child altogether.

A no-contact agreement is permanent, and you might face up to six months in jail if you violate the agreement.

Differences Of Restraining Orders And No-Contact Orders

  • Restraining orders are usually temporary — judges can extend (modify) them, but they generally only last for 120 days.
  • A no-contact agreement is a binding contract between parties, and it is permanent.
  • Both restraining orders and no-contact orders restrain contact by phone, text, email and social media.
  • Both restraining orders and no-contact orders restrict each party from coming within 100 yards of the other, their home, their school, their place of employment and other places that they frequent.
  • No-contact orders can contain other provisions drafted by the parties’ attorneys.
  • Violating a restraining order can have the violator arrested on the spot, but he or she will be released from jail on an inexpensive bail. The penalty following a court hearing is generally no greater than anger management classes, community service and/or a fine.
  • Violation of a no-contact order offers the other party no legal recourse unless a criminal law is violated also. However, the violated party can file a contempt citation.
    • If you have been served with a contempt citation in violation of a no-contact agreement, you will be required to appear at a court hearing, where a judge will determine a penalty that could be up to six months in jail in addition to paying the other party’s attorney’s fees.

Have you been served with a contempt citation? It is critical to contact our lawyers in Colorado Springs immediately.

We have more than 30 years of combined legal experience as trial lawyers in the Pikes Peak region, and we are former prosecuting attorneys. Founding attorney David W. Foley literally wrote the book on handling domestic violence cases for the 4th Judicial DA’s office. We can help you defend your rights and freedom now!

The penalties for violating a no-contact order are severe, including possible jail time and the loss of your right to possess a firearm or ammunition.

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