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What Is An Alcohol Course After A Drunk Driving Conviction?

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 10, 2022

Drunk driving charges in Colorado come with many penalties. Many people focus on the possible incarceration and the fines. They may not automatically think about the drivers’ license suspension, alcohol education and treatment, increased insurance costs and other possible penalties.

In this state, you can also be required to take the Alcohol and Drug Education and Treatment program if you refuse a chemical test when an officer asks for one based on reasonable grounds. The chemical test must be either a blood test or an Intoxilyzer test to satisfy the requirements. A roadside breath test or a test at a detox facility don’t count.

What is the Alcohol and Drug Education and Treatment program?

There are two levels of this program: level I and II. Level II is for drivers who have:

  • Refused to take a chemical test leading to a revocation
  • Have at least two alcohol violations in 5 years
  • Have at least three violations in a lifetime
  • Have multiple BAC tests of .08 or more leading to a license revocation
  • Have a BAC of .15 or more leading to a license revocation

There are four tracks in the program. These are denoted by letters with A being the easiest and D the hardest. The time ranges from eight months to 13 months, depending on the program required.

Anyone who’s charged with drunk driving should ensure they review the options that they have for a defense strategy. Understanding your criminal sentence, as well as the steps you have to take to get your driver’s license back, is critical. Being able to draw on the knowledge of someone familiar with these cases can help you to get through the process with as little stress as possible.

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