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What does it mean when a sentence is suspended?

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | February 8, 2022

When a person is convicted, there are numerous forms of sentence that may be imposed upon them. While most people think about incarceration, there are other options that might come into the picture depending on the charge you’re facing. For some people, a sentence of community service or probation might be in order.

One thing that the judge might do is give someone a suspended sentence. This means that the judge can impose a sentence, but the person may not have to serve that sentence if they’re meeting the other terms set out by the courts.

How does a suspended sentence work?

A suspended sentence is usually entered for a period of imprisonment. Typically, the judge will also impose a sentence of probation. As long as the person meets the requirements of probation, they won’t have to serve the time in prison. There are limits to when a judge can use a suspended sentence. In most cases, violent charges and those with mandatory minimum sentences aren’t eligible.

Suspended sentences are beneficial to the criminal justice system, as well as the defendant. They can help to prevent overcrowding in prisons. They also enable a person to remain employed, which can help prevent them from a non-stop cycle of criminal activity.

Anyone who’s facing a criminal charge should ensure they understand the possible sentences they’re facing if they’re convicted. Working with someone who’s familiar with cases like yours can help you to find this out. You can also find out what options you have for your defense strategy.

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