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Understanding Colorado’s ignition interlock device laws

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | February 14, 2020

A drunk driving conviction may prove costly and embarrassing. Some of the repercussions associated with driving under the influence in Colorado may impact your life for months or even years after your offense. Once you pay fines, potentially surrender your license and otherwise show accountability for your actions, you are still going to face long-term DUI-related expenses that may place a considerable strain on your finances.

You should expect to pay a good deal more for automotive insurance coverage once you have a DUI, for example. You may also have to worry about using and financing an ignition interlock device.

How the device works

An ignition interlock device is something that you must install on your vehicle if you receive a drunk driving conviction or refuse chemical testing after authorities suspect that you have been drinking and driving. Once you have this device on your vehicle, you are going to need to blow an acceptable breath sample before the car fires up. You may also have to provide ongoing breath samples while the vehicle is in use to prove that someone else did not start the car on your behalf. If you have alcohol on your breath when you attempt to start the car, the ignition interlock device prevents it from doing so.

Noncompliance and tampering

Once the state of Colorado requires you to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, which is something that you must do at your own expense, you must comply with the terms outlining its use. Otherwise, you run the risk of facing serious penalties. If you attempt to tamper with your device, for example, or if you drive a different vehicle that does not have a device installed on it, you may have your license suspended for a year. You must also take your device to your provider for servicing every 60 days to stay compliant. Failing to do so may warrant a license suspension.

Simply put, any attempts to tamper with, or circumvent the rules associated with, your ignition interlock device may lead to license suspension, additional time with the device or other serious repercussions.

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