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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | August 14, 2018

To better understand DUI arrests in Colorado, a study was carried out to examine who got arrested, using data from 2016. What it found is that young men made up a very hefty percentage of the arrests, with about 33 percent of all cases involving males in their 20s.

While that doesn't mean that "most" arrests involved this age group, no other group was as heavily represented, per the Denver Post.

That is a very telling statistic when you consider that only around 8 percent of people who live in the state are men in their 20s. As such, they get arrested for DUIs at a highly disproportionate rate.

Some of that may just have to do with gender. Women only account for around 25 percent of the state's DUI cases. The other 75 percent go to men.

Another interesting finding from the study is that over 33 percent of people in these cases had DUI convictions on their records already. They were repeat offenders. Typically, the more offenses someone has on their record, the stiffer the penalties will get.

This study does help to paint a picture of DUI trends in the state, and it also raises some interesting questions. Why are men so significantly represented? Why are young men so much more likely to get arrested? What does this say about law enforcement in the state?

If you get arrested on drunk driving charges, regardless of your age or your gender, it is very important for you to understand all of your legal defense options. This is especially true if you already have prior convictions.

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