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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | July 17, 2018

A driver was involved in an accident in downtown Colorado Springs, as his or her truck left the road and nearly smashed into the Colorado Springs City Auditorium. Police suspect that the driver may have possibly been engaging in road rage and been drunk behind the wheel.

Pictures from the scene show a black Nissan Frontier, a small pickup truck, sitting on the sidewalk. Behind it is a tree that has been completely flattened, along with what appears to be a parking meter that has been bent sideways. The truck also reportedly damaged a light pole.

Those initial crashes may have been all that slowed the truck down in time. The photo shows that the front of the truck ended up mere inches from the side of the auditorium, though it does not appear to have hit the building.

Police are still investigating, but they say that their preliminary findings indicate that the suspected drunk driver got involved in a road rage encounter and followed another vehicle. While following, the driver lost control of the truck and left the roadway.

It appears that the driver suffered injuries and had to go to the hospital. The other vehicle got stopped as well, and that driver got a citation for not carrying insurance.

Allegations of road rage, drunk driving and causing an accident can be very serious. They can impact a person's personal life and career, on top of bringing potential jail time, fines and license suspensions. As such, it is very important for anyone facing such allegations to know all of his or her rights and legal defense options.

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