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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | June 15, 2018

For the Memorial Day weekend, law enforcement agencies all across Colorado decided to tally up their DUI arrests to see which district would end up with the most. A total of 102 agencies participated, providing a very good sample size.

The statistics are in, and it turns out that Colorado Springs saw more DUI arrests than anywhere else. There were a total of 25 arrests.

The next highest was Denver, with 22 arrests. That was followed by Aurora, with 17 arrests. Across the entire state, a total of 300 people were picked up on suspicion that they were driving while impaired. This happened from May 25 to May 29.

If you're wondering how this all compares to the numbers from 2017, there were 332 arrests that year. Things have stayed fairly steady as police actively search for drunk drivers around the holiday, though that is a slight decrease overall.

Interestingly, the 300 total arrests are not really an outlier, even though it was the holiday weekend. On average, 77 people get arrested every single day in Colorado on suspicion of impaired driving. That average comes right from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).

Police did say that they saw a bit of an increase, especially when looking at accident statistics, during the summer. There are many reasons for a potential increase, from summer vacation to longer daylight hours to warmer temperatures.

With 77 arrests happening every day, it is very important for those who get picked up to know all of their legal defense options. This is especially true if the police are competing to see who can make the most arrests.

Source: KKTV, "Colorado Springs tops Memorial Day weekend DUI arrests in Colorado," June 12, 2018

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