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3 Things to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | May 18, 2018

If the police have charged you with domestic violence, you likely have a lot of questions about what happens next. You may feel you have been unfairly accused and should not have been arrested, but once you are charged, the case moves forward.

The most important strategic move in terms of fighting your domestic violence charge in Colorado is to hire a qualified criminal defense attorney who works with these types of cases. An aggressive criminal defense lawyer can make all the difference in terms of how your case moves through the system. Here are some basic facts you should know about domestic violence charges in Colorado and what to do next:

1. Colorado law requires an arrest when domestic violence is suspected

Under Colorado law, police must arrest anyone they have probable cause to suspect has committed domestic violence. This mandatory arrest law is aimed at protecting domestic violence victims, but it sometimes has the unintended consequence of snaring suspects who are unfairly or falsely accused.

2. An early defense is the best defense

The quicker you contact a criminal defense attorney for assistance with your charges, the better your chances are for developing a successful defense strategy. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, you must protect your rights. You can contact a criminal defense attorney to meet with you directly following your arrest, either at a jail or police station where you are being held. You do not have to answer any questions without a lawyer present.

3. Colorado views domestic violence as a crime, not a relationship issue

In Colorado, the law does not see domestic violence as a private matter between an arguing couple, but as a crime. This again highlights the importance of involving a criminal defense attorney as early as possible. There may be alternatives to a conviction in your particular case, such as adult diversion programs. For example, Colorado courts often order treatment for domestic violence offenders. Your attorney can advise you on your options so you can work towards a future that allows you to move forward with a clean record.

A domestic violence charge can affect you for a very long time, and a conviction can put your future and career in jeopardy. Consult with a criminal defense attorney at the earliest possible moment following your arrest so that you can begin building a strong and aggressive defense to protect your rights.

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