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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | November 10, 2016

Police officers throughout Colorado were patrolling the streets in full force last Hallow's Eve and we've just received the statistics on how many drivers they arrested and accused of DUI. A total of 308 drivers were taken into custody and charged with drunk driving during the Halloween weekend, representing a whopping increase compared to last year's Halloween DUI arrest number of 269.

The aggressive push to arrest drunk drivers was part of a state-wide law enforcement program nicknamed "The Heat Is On." A total of 94 law enforcement agencies across the state participated in the campaign. The agencies with the most DUI arrests were the Colorado State Patrol with 50, Denver Police with 30, Aurora Police with 27 and Colorado Springs with 26.

The director of the Colorado Department of Transportation's Office of Transportation Safety issued a warning to drivers after releasing the above statistics, "Don't drive impaired under any circumstances." Indeed, the 308 drivers arrested this Halloween could be facing as much as a year in jail, thousands in fines, nine-month license suspensions, stiff consequences from their auto insurance providers, possible career setbacks and more. According to some statistics, the total cost for those accused and convicted of drunk driving could be as high as $10,000.

Colorado Springs drivers who fear they were wrongly accused of DUI -- and even those who feel that they may have been guilty -- may want to talk about their cases with an experienced DUI attorney. A DUI attorney will be able to tell accused drivers what they can do to improve their legal situations and how they can try to avoid conviction and/or try to reduce the severity of criminal punishments in the event of a conviction.

Source: The Gazette, "308 drunk drivers arrested over Halloween weekend in Colorado," Kaitlin Durbin, Nov. 08, 2016

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