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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 14, 2016

Many people ask the same question time and time again: How much alcohol can I drink before I am considered too drunk to drive?

Here is the answer: It depends on a variety of factors. Everybody handles alcohol in a different way, meaning there is no simple process for calculating how much you can drink before it is possible to be charged with the crime of driving under the influence.

Your weight and the time frame in which you drink will both determine if you are too drunk to drive, according to the law in your state. In some cases, one or two drinks are enough for your blood alcohol level to reach .08. For others, consuming five drinks will push them close to or past this level.

You know your body better than anybody else. If for any reason you believe you have consumed too much alcohol, it is important to stay away from a motor vehicle for the time being. You don't want to take the risk of getting behind the wheel. Even if you are under the legal limit, you may not feel sober enough to drive. This means you are taking a risk.

Since everybody is different, it is hard to know what you should and should not be doing in terms of drinking and driving. If you get behind the wheel after drinking and are subsequently pulled over by law enforcement, you must know your rights. If you don't, you could be treated inappropriately, leading to a situation in which you are charged with a crime you did not commit.

Source: Guardian Interlock, "How Much Can You Drink Before You Could Get A DUI?," accessed March 14, 2016

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