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A Felony DUI Law May Come To Colorado

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 24, 2015

As of now, there is no felony DUI law in Colorado, and that is true no matter how many times you are stopped for drunk driving. However, lawmakers are trying to draft a new felony law and get it on the books, and it appears that the governor has decided to make it a top priority.

Even with the proposed law, there is by no means an indication that it will pass, and the work being done right now is to iron out all of the details. One thing that lawmakers are doing is considering whether making the law less powerful and less harsh will give it a better shot at turning into a law at all.

Though the bill could still change, it targets those who get three or four -- or more -- DUI convictions. Instead of using misdemeanors endlessly, the state would start using felony charges at that point. Many other states already do this, and some people started thinking that it was time for the same thing in Colorado when a man was given his 16th DUI charge. That seemed excessive and spurred the movement forward.

Proponents of the new law say that it gives officials the power they need. Detractors, however, say that no criminal charge is going to help, and that the state should instead focus time, energy and money on treatment programs that could help people overcome addiction.

It's very important to watch this bill to see if it is written into law, as the change could massively alter possible charges for those arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

Source: KUSA, "Balance of Power: Time to pass felony DUI?" Brandon Rittiman, Mar. 22, 2015

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