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Detective Arrested For Domestic Violence After Shooting House

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | June 13, 2014

A Denver police officer is facing serious criminal allegations after he apparently discharged a firearm inside his home. Official reports show that the man, age 42, is accused of domestic violence, child abuse and weapons violations, among other offenses. He allegedly shot his own ceiling six times. He told authorities that he had been popping bubble wrap. However, spent bullets and shell casings were found on the floor of the man's home.

Investigators say that the man has been the subject of a protective order that is designed to prevent him from contacting his wife and one of his children. Further, the man is currently prohibited from using any kind of firearm or ammunition. The defendant is a police detective in the city of Denver.

News reports show that the man may have exhibited some erratic behavior when officers came to investigate the gunshots; he swore at one of the responding officers and told him, "Come and get me!" After the man was apprehended, his two children were found hiding in a bathroom. The man's wife told authorities that the defendant had come home intoxicated and held her down on the bed. One of the children called 911. No one was hurt in the incident.

Even though the man may not have caused serious injury in the domestic violence incident, it is still a major violation to discharge a firearm under such circumstances. However, it is important to remember that criminal defendants -- even those accused of domestic assault charges -- are not considered guilty just because they were arrested. This man deserves the same rights and considerations in court, especially since he is a police officer in the area.

Source:  The Denver Post, "Denver cop accused of firing six shots in Thornton home in angry fit" Noelle Phillips, Jun. 10, 2014

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