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NFI Running Back Could Face Five Years If Convicted Of Aggravated Assault

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 28, 2014

Violence is never a good answer to any problem. In some cases involving domestic situations which end with one or both individuals being arrested and charged with assault, there may be other factors that ought to be examined and taken into account. For individuals who are public figures, allegations and charges related to domestic assault can haunt them for years.

Last month, Ravens' running back Ray Rice and his fiancée were arrested after surveillance video at a casino captured the two in an apparent fight. As the argument grew more heated, both were captured slapping one another. Subsequently both Rice and his fiancée were arrested and charged with simple assault. Since that time, however, prosecutors handed the case over to a grand jury and Rice now faces a more serious criminal charge of aggravated assault.

The decision to charge Rice with aggravated assault likely stems for additional footage from that night which also showed Rich pulling his fiancée, who appeared to be unconscious, out of an elevator. Rice's attorney contends, however, that the video was not complete and therefore taken out of context. He asserts the couple is happy and currently in counseling and working to improve their relationship.

Until more is known about the facts of the incident, Rice's future with the Ravens hangs in the balance. While officials for the NFL team have been quick to defend Rice's character on the field, there's a possibility he could be let go if convicted of the serious criminal charges he's facing. If Rice is convicted he could be sentenced for up to five years in prison.

Colorado residents facing criminal charges related to domestic disputes are often presumed to be guilty. In this case, even if the charges against Rice are eventually dropped, his reputation will forever be tarnished. Criminal charges related to assault are serious and those facing these types of charges would be wise to consult with a defense attorney.

Source: My Central Jersey, "Ray Rice indicted on aggravated assault charge," Brent Sobleski, March 27, 2014

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