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Car Accidents Can Cause Heart Issues

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | October 5, 2022
Car accidents can cause heart issues

Car accidents can result various injuries, both minor and serious in nature. Surprisingly, damage to the heart after a crash is rarely discussed.

The heart is among the most important organs in the body, of course. Outlined below are some of the more common causes of heart complications after a car crash.

Physical trauma

Your heart sits just behind the sternum, which is a part of the protective rib cage that shields your vital organs. The force generated during a vehicle collision can be so great that it fractures the rib cage. This exposes the heart, placing it under undue pressure. Fragments of bone may even end up severing one of the valves to the heart.

It’s always worth getting checked out by a doctor immediately after a car crash. However, if you feel chest pains, shortness of breath or your heart rate has changed, then it’s important to have this area examined more thoroughly.

Psychological trauma

Heart attacks can also be stress induced, and there are few things more stressful than a ttraffic collision. During a crash, you may start to panic, resulting in your blood pressure and heart rate increasing to dangerous levels.

Damage to the heart can take a long time to recover from, and your life may never be quite the same again. Remember, if the negligence of another driver has caused you physical or psychological harm, there are ways that you can hold them to account. Seeking some experienced legal guidance on the matter will help clarify your options for seeking the compensation you deserve.

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