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You Can Take Steps To Avoid a Summertime DUI

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | May 6, 2022

There is a risk of getting a DUI any time you drink and drive or take drugs before getting behind the wheel. In the summer, some people are more likely to choose to drink and drive because there are so many more opportunities.

From Memorial Day to the Fourth of July and summer barbecue get-togethers, there is a risk that people will be drinking and decide to drive home after a long day of summer fun.

When can your summer drinking lead to a DUI?

While many people think that they can only get a DUI if they’ve been drinking heavily, the reality is that you can get a DUI if you have any amount of alcohol in your blood. The per se limit, which is the limit at which the police need no further evidence to arrest you, is .08%. If your blood alcohol content is .08% or higher, then an arrest is likely.

That doesn’t mean you can’t face an arrest at a lower BAC. Additionally, even if you don’t have any alcohol in your system, drugs, legal or not, that cause impairment could lead to an arrest.

Tips to keep in mind when you drink in the summer

If you are drinking in the summer, it’s necessary for you to remember that the heat and sun can affect the way your body processes alcohol. So can what you’re eating and how much you drink over the course of a day.

Dehydration may increase the side effects of alcohol, causing you to appear or feel more intoxicated than you technically are. If you mix medications with alcohol, such as if you need an allergy pill or cold medicine, the side effects could be more pronounced as well.

The easiest way to avoid a DUI is to decide not to drive if you’ve had anything to drink or if you’ve been taking medication. It’s much safer to have a sober driver take you home and to err on the side of caution.

If you do drive and are accused of a DUI, you will need to mount a strong defense against the allegations to protect your best interests.

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