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Whiplash Can Have Long-Term Effects

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 11, 2022

As you’re driving to work on your daily commute or on your way to collect the kids from school, the last thing you expect is to be caught up in a road traffic collision. Unfortunately, accidents are fairly common in Colorado Springs and can result in serious injuries.

One of the more common injuries associated with car crashes is whiplash. Often, this type of injury is overlooked as something that is not serious. While some people make a recovery, others are not so lucky. Whiplash is not necessarily minor, and its impacts can be felt for years to come.

Defining whiplash

Whiplash can occur in any type of accident, but it is commonly an effect of rear-end collisions. When a car runs into you, a tremendous amount of force is generated, which can cause your neck to jerk suddenly back and forth. This motion has the potential to damage tendons, soft tissue, nerves and even the spine.

Whiplash in the long-term

Initially, after a car crash, you may start to feel pain in the neck, back and shoulder aches as well as a tingling in the injured areas. Symptoms of whiplash are not limited to physical aspects either, your cognitive functions may be reduced and you could find it difficult to sustain concentration over extended periods. These symptoms can subside after a short time, but often, they do not and they could even worsen.

After several weeks or months, you may still be suffering from the same symptoms, which means they have become chronic. Not only that, but the pain might be worse and you may notice other ways that your health has been impacted. You might no longer be able to maintain a regular sleep pattern and you could notice that you have become extremely irritable. The injuries could impact your ability to work and your family relationships might be placed under strain.

Whiplash after a car accident can be serious and it is vital that you receive suitable medical treatment. You should also look into your legal options for compensation so that some of the financial burdens can be relieved.

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