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What To Do If A Driver Is Following Too Closely

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | February 27, 2022

You might be minding your own business as you make your daily commute to work. Then, all of a sudden, you notice a car in your rearview mirror. It’s following too closely and starting to make you feel uncomfortable.

This form of driving behavior is known as tailgating, and it is extremely dangerous. Sometimes, tailgating stems from a mistake, a simple lapse in concentration or driver error. However, more often than not, tailgating is the product of aggression.

A tailgating driver will also not be able to stop in time should they need to, and a rear-end collision is likely. So, what can you do about it? How should you respond to tailgating drivers?

Stay composed

If someone is aggressive towards you or reckless regarding your safety, you might feel scared, intimidated or angry. Returning the same type of behavior that has been thrown in your direction is not likely to improve the situation. It is in your best interest to maintain your composure.

Think carefully about your response

One common misconception is that seeing your brake lights will cause tailgaters to back off. This rarely works, and it will likely only place you in further danger. A better option might be to pull over and let them pass, as long as it is safe to do so. Will adding a couple of minutes to your journey really make that much of a difference?

If someone else has placed you in danger, and you have been caught up in a collision, be sure to look into your legal rights.

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