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Legal Prescription Drugs Can Get You Arrested

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | November 11, 2021

Just because you have a valid prescription for a medication, that does not mean you can do whatever you want with that medication. Many people prescribed medications ranging from ADHD medication and sleep aids to erectile dysfunction drugs pain medication mites abuse their prescription drugs in a way that puts them at risk of facing criminal charges.

Let’s look at ways that you could break the law with a legal prescription medication.

Selling or giving your pills to other people

While you have the right to possess and take your medication, you do not have the right to give it away to other people or to sell it. If you are caught transferring your medication to someone else or if they are caught in possession of your medication, you could face criminal charges for sale or distribution.

Driving after taking your medication

Medications ranging from allergy drugs to sleep aids could affect how safely you drive. Typically, these come with a warning not to take them before you get behind the wheel. Even if you claim they do not affect your ability, a police officer might still arrest you if you admit to taking a medication before driving.

Prescription medication can be very powerful. It’s crucial to follow all directions given to you by your doctor and your pharmacist. Being under the influence of one or more prescription drugs can easily cause just as much impairment as being under the influence of alcohol and even some illegal drugs.

Understanding how your legally obtained prescription drugs can lead to drug charges could help you avoid making mistakes with your own prescriptions. If you find yourself facing charges, it's essential to seek legal guidance.

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