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You’re accused of stealing on the job, but you’re innocent

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | October 11, 2021

You can encounter all sorts of unpleasant situations at work. Maybe a colleague is impossible to get along with. Maybe you should be making much more money but have not received a pay raise in ages. Perhaps your workload is huge and demanding, far beyond what you can comfortably handle on a daily basis.

All those circumstances can be upsetting. However, there is one that probably would outdistance each of them for its gravity and potential to put a big, ugly dent in your professional reputation. That is being accused by your boss of stealing.

You know you are not guilty of any wrongdoing. Though the prosecution would technically have the burden of proof, you still want to do what you can to show your own innocence.

Anyone who has had this happen to them knows it is very disturbing, to say the least. This is a time to think rationally and clearly, despite the turmoil, dread and anxiety you might understandably be experiencing.

How to best go forward

Consider these steps below. They may not all be pertinent to your particular case, but they might be a good start.

  • Find out from your superior exactly what you are being charged with. Is it theft of funds, company equipment, intellectual property or something else?  Ask questions and listen very attentively.
  • Firmly and calmly state that you are blameless. If you have not already done so, submit documentation that substantiates your assertion.  It could include correspondence, emails, reports or anything else you have in writing.
  • Are there credible co-workers who can vouch for you?

What if your boss still insists on making the untrue accusation against you stick? At this point, you might have to engage a professional in Colorado who is well-versed in such matters to orchestrate your defense. Do what is necessary to clear your name and be wholly vindicated.

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