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Can You Obtain A Plea Deal For Federal Charges?

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | August 28, 2021

People who are facing federal charges likely realize that they’re in a precarious situation. They have to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, but the federal government has vast resources to try to patch those holes.

For some defendants in federal criminal cases, a plea deal is the best option for a resolution. This prevents the case from having to go through a trial, and it gives the defendant some say in the sentence they’ll face. If you’re facing federal charges and considering a plea deal, be sure to consider these points.

Court’s approval

A plea deal is subjected to the approval of the court. It’s possible that the court will simply approve the deal; however, it might also reject it outright. Sometimes, the court will offer alternatives to the terms. If the court doesn’t accept the plea deal, the defendant has the right to take back the guilty plea and go through a trial instead.

Victim statement

During the process of negotiating the plea deal, the prosecution may speak to the victim regarding the terms. In some cases, the victim might speak up in court when the plea deal is presented. The victim’s statements may have a role in the outcome of the plea deal; however, victims can’t veto a prosecutor’s decisions regarding a plea deal.

Anyone who’s facing federal charges should realize that these are very serious. Reviewing all your options for your defense early in the case is important. This gives you time to consider them all and determine how they might impact you. It’s imperative that you explore the possibility of a plea deal well before a trial so you can determine if this is a viable option. If so, you can then work to iron out the terms.

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