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Will Car Accidents Go Back Down In The Fall?

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | July 17, 2021

Car accidents often spike in the summer. There are a lot of reasons for it: Longer days, families on vacation, people with summer jobs who now have to commute, etc. For some, especially young drivers, summer is also a sort of carefree season that may lead to speeding and other dangerous types of driving.

But can you expect these risks to go back down in the fall? If you’re a bit more nervous about being hit by a negligent driver in the summer, is there a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel?

Breaking free of the 100 most dangerous days

There is evidence that a decline in accidents is likely. After all, there is a dramatic spike in teen car accidents in the summer, and it happens year after year. Officials often point to the fact that these young drivers are simply on the road more often since they don’t have classes. Since they are already the most dangerous age group, this free time leads to the accident and fatality spike every year.

The other side of the coin is that students will start going back to school in the fall. Many colleges begin at the end of August. A lot of high schools follow suit in the early part of September. By the middle of that month, almost every school-aged individual who is still involved in school will be back in class. This will reduce the number of teen drivers on the roads, and that should lead to a corresponding drop in serious and fatal accident cases.

Accidents will still happen

Unfortunately, just because the rates get better does not mean that accidents won’t happen. If you’re injured this summer or any time the rest of the year, be sure you know how to seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Insurance companies are not on your side, so it's wise to seek out the guidance of an experienced advocate.

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