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Safety Technology In Modern Vehicles Produces Mixed Results

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | May 1, 2021

In the automotive industry, a focus on high-end technology has become clear. Modern cars have internal computers and many other features that are far beyond what was available in the past. It’s difficult to find a basic car that doesn’t offer some sort of technology, at least if you’re buying a new vehicle.

In many ways, this technology makes driving safer. Developments like the rear-view camera have helped to prevent accidents in driveways and parking lots. Bluetooth connectivity has made it so that hands-free devices are easy to use without looking away from the road. Blind-spot monitors have prevented crashes by alerting drivers to vehicles they can’t see, and automatic braking systems have stopped cars before inevitable collisions.

Modern automotive technology can also cause unforeseen problems

The problem is that technology also makes driving more dangerous. Having a phone in the car, even when using a Bluetooth connection and hands-free tech, can be a distraction -- and driver distractions lead to accidents. Using a GPS makes it easier to get where you’re going, but programming the device and even listening to the instructions can distract you when you're in motion. Additionally, some people trust their technology too much, getting into accidents in cars with driving-assist programs when they assume -- incorrectly -- that these cars can drive themselves.

All of this makes the road a complicated and dangerous place. Accidents today are both avoided and caused by tech that simply didn’t exist for previous generations of drivers.

When safety technology fails, victims have a right to seek compensation

What is clear is that technology is not going to stop evolving, so we need to learn how to use it safely. Those who do get injured in accidents need to know how to seek financial compensation for their losses. Working with an experienced attorney can help you assert your rights with the insurance company involved.

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