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Learn these key elements of Colorado’s premises liability laws

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | May 7, 2021

When you suffer an injury on another person’s property, you may be entitled to substantial compensation. However, the state of Colorado has specific statutes governing how premises liability claims are handled and processed.

Unless you have a firm grasp of the law in the Colorado Springs region, it is wise to get legal guidance when seeking compensation for injuries suffered on another’s property. With an advocate on your side, you have a much better chance of acquiring the financial compensation necessary to recover from your injuries.

When are property owners legally liable for your injuries?

Unlike some other U.S. regions, Colorado lawmakers seek to prevent frivolous personal injury claims based on premises liability. Because of this, it can be a bit harder for victims to prove their claims. A legal representative can add strength and support to your claim but learning more about the law can also help. Critical elements of these laws include the following:

  • Trespassing. Those who do not have permission to be on the premises will have a hard time winning an injury case. They must prove that the property owner willfully or deliberately caused the damages they suffered.
  • Reasonable care. To win a personal injury claim centered on premises liability, victims must show that the property owner failed to exercise reasonable care in protecting people from a danger about which he or she knew.
  • Reasonable warning. When property owners are aware of hazardous property conditions, they have a legal duty to warn visitors of the danger. If they fail to do so, victims may qualify for an injury claim.

We realize that the laws regarding personal injury caused by unsafe property conditions are hard to understand for most people. That is why we usually suggest asking an injury lawyer for assistance in determining your eligibility to file a claim. If you do qualify for a premises liability claim, you will already have a legal advocate familiar with your story to help you maximize any compensation you win.

Please, continue reviewing our injury web pages to learn more about your legal options after an accident on someone else’s property.

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