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4 Hazardous Driver Actions to Look out For

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | May 18, 2021

4 hazardous driver actions to look out for

Keeping safe on the roads involves more than ensuring you drive according to the rules of the road. To increase your safety and that of your passengers, you need to be wary of other drivers.

It only takes one irresponsible driver to leave you and your passengers in the hospital or the morgue. Sadly, the roads are full of negligent drivers, with some much worse than others.

How can you spot a negligent driver?

There are a few critical warning signs you can look out for. These might not help you avoid all dangerous drivers, but may help you avoid some:

  1. Erratic speed: Drunk or drowsy drivers often have trouble applying even pressure to the gas pedal. As they nod off, their foot can lift, leading to deceleration. As they come to, they put more weight on the pedal, causing them to speed up.
  2. Slow starts at lights: If someone is still sitting there after the lights have turned green, they are usually distracted. They may be looking at their phone or rummaging in their bag and may not have finished doing so when they set off.
  3. Booming bass: Listening to loud music does not make you a dangerous driver. Yet, those who do so are often young males who have more accidents than any other age group.
  4. Drifting across the road: Be on the lookout for any driver struggling to maintain their line. They could be drunk, tired, distracted or driving without two hands on the wheel.

If another driver injures you in a car crash, it is crucial to investigate why the crash happened. If you saw them doing any of the above things before the collision, it may help you gain the compensation you need.

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