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How Are Computer Forensics Used To Investigate Sex Crimes?

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | January 16, 2018

Many people have heard the term computer forensics but some just don't understand what it is or the role it plays in various criminal investigations. Computer forensics experts can be found in private firms, police departments, government agencies and even public corporations. So, how are computer forensics used to investigate sex crimes?

For starters, computer forensics are used to obtain and investigate emails, messages, videos and other documents that are stored on computers or other electronic devices when a search warrant is issued. An investigation of this kind might be able to ascertain when a document was created, the last time it was edited, if it has been shared with other devices, if it has been printed and which user registered on the computer performed all these tasks.

When a sex crime has been committed and the authorities have been alerted, a computer forensics team will be brought in to conduct part of the investigation. They will look for photos, videos and any other documents pertaining to the crime that has been committed. For example, if a suspect has been accused of creating and distributing child pornography, the team will search his or her devices for any evidence relating to the charge.

As with all types of investigations, the team leader will be required to present the team's findings. This can be done with a written report, a visual report or via sworn testimony in front of a judge and jury.

Being the subject of an investigation into a sex crime in Colorado Springs can be stressful and overwhelming. When you consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney you will have all of your questions answered as well as knowing what to expect during the legal process.

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