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Undercover operation nets 280 pounds of pot

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 29, 2017

An undercover drug operation brought on by another drug bust at a Colorado farm last year has netted Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) officials with 290 pounds of pot. The investigation had gone on for nine months when authorities raided 19 businesses and homes and arrested over a dozen people.

The initial investigation brought in $5 million in marijuana. Because of that bust, the 18th Judicial District Attorney said, "This was about home grown local folks growing and exporting marijuana out of the state of Colorado." The DA said that one man, 53, led the group and distributed the marijuana under the guise of a state marijuana license.

The grand jury indictment that was handed down said that a drug runner was suppose to bring duffel bags full of pot to Illinois. However, the DEA had already planted someone in the group and had a source fly the illegal drug on their plane. This allowed the DEA to take down the drug ring.

The drug runners, a man, age 46, and a woman, age 29, drove to Arkansas from Colorado Springs with 290 pounds of marijuana in a duffel bag. It was reported that at least 300 pounds of pot were distributed on a monthly basis. The DA said, "There were hundreds of pounds of marijuana being exchanged in the parking lots of a school in Aurora, a parking lot of a Starbucks near Castle Pines, in and about the populated areas of this jurisdiction."

In addition to the drugs, authorities also confiscated 39 weapons, including handguns, shotguns and rifles.

While marijuana may be legal in some states, including Colorado, there are restrictions. You can possess one ounce of marijuana or one ounce of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. You can buy up to 28 grams in a single transaction. As far as exporting marijuana to another state? Don't do it. State and federal officials are watching even closer in Colorado's surrounding states for those who bring marijuana across state lines.

If you have been arrested for drug possession or delivery of marijuana charges, you should begin work on your defense as soon as possible. He or she can provide information on your legal options.

Source: denver.cbslocal.com, "DA: Hundreds Of Pounds Of Pot Shipped Out Of State By Drug Ring," March 18, 2017

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