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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | July 18, 2014

Nine people in Colorado could be looking at charges for ID theft and drugs, as they were all indicted recently. Five of them are women and four of them are men. According to the documents, they used money that they had gotten through illegal methods to then buy illegal drugs, which included methamphetamine.

The prosecutors in the case say that the group worked by first stealing the financial information that they needed. This sometimes came from businesses, and other times it came from individuals. After they had that information, they made fake driver's licenses, fake checks and things of this nature.

Using these fake checks, they started to buy all manner of things, including merchandise from stores or other individuals, food, gift cards, and more. Some of these purchases allegedly involved drugs.

The investigators believe that at least a portion of the financial information that was stolen came out of people's cars or their mailboxes.

The ages of the people in the group range all the way from 23 years old to 43 years old, though many of them are in their 30s. The two that the prosecutors say were the ringleaders for the whole thing are a woman who is 35 and a man who is 32.

When accused of drug crimes, burglary or other such violations, it is crucial that those who have been accused know what rights they still have under Colorado laws. For example, they always have the right to a fair trial in which they are given representation before a judge. Knowing their rights allows them to make sure that they are not violated during the trial.

Source:  The Denver Post, "Jefferson County grand jury indicts nine in ID theft ring" Kieran Nicholson, Jul. 09, 2014

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