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On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | June 16, 2014

Two men in Colorado are now behind bars after they allegedly tried to rob a convenience store and were caught by the police. Both are facing charges of burglary of a building, and both have had their bonds set at $25,000. As of the latest report, neither has posted bond, and they are awaiting trial in jail.

According to the police officers who went to the scene, the incident took place at a store called the Broadway Food Mart. This is located out on Highway 71. They said that they got a call indicating that the men were trying to rob the place and that the crime was already in progress.

The officers got to the store, and the two men allegedly fled. One of them ran out toward the highway. An officer chased him, and he got through a fence and started running through a field. The officers reportedly were able to chase the man down, take him into custody and go back to the store.

At the store, they reportedly found evidence of the crime, such as missing items. They also found signs that the men allegedly had forced their way inside.

While there, a witness talked to them, indicating that a car may have been involved, seeing as how it had been parked nearby when the men broke in. The car drove past the store, and officers gave pursuit of the vehicle. They pulled it over and looked inside, where they allegedly found some of the things that were reported to be missing at the store. They arrested the driver of the car.

After someone has been accused of a burglary, no matter what the evidence looks like against them, they have a right to know about all of their legal options. They also have a right to a fair trial, as well as the right to appeal an unfavorable verdict.

Source: Source: Colorado County Citizen, "Two jailed after burglary attempt," No author given, July 1, 2014

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