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Army Lieutenant Charged With Sex Crimes; Claims Twin Is To Blame

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | November 14, 2013

The evil twin is a popular archetype in children's books, movies and television programs. Typically, the evil twin will do some sort of dastardly deed, and the hero is blamed for his twin's wrongdoings. However, for a decorated Colorado Army lieutenant accused of sex crimes, it is quite possible that his twin is actually the one who committed the alleged crimes.

According to the report, the lieutenant is accused of attempting to lure 11 young girls between the ages of six and nine into his vehicle. The lieutenant has been accused of sexually assaulting three of these children. He faces 23 charges of sex crimes that carry a total maximum sentence of over 100 years.

The Army 1st lieutenant is a married father of two who is still on active duty with the U.S. Military where he has earned ten medals, including a Bronze Star. He also happens to have an identical twin brother who, naturally, looks similar to the lieutenant, and the twin supposedly even drives a similar car. His defense insists that, since identical twins have the same DNA, Colorado police have arrested and accused the wrong man; his twin is to blame for these purported sex crimes, not the lieutenant.

Despite the resemblance this case has to the popular archetype of the evil twin, this case is very real and very serious. If convicted, the Colorado lieutenant faces over a hundred years of jail time, not to mention an almost certain dishonorable discharge from the military. Based on the new evidence that the lieutenant has a twin, undoubtedly, police will attempt to find and question the twin brother. If the twin is found to be guilty of the alleged crimes, then the lieutenant's case will most likely be dropped entirely.

Source: KSDK, Army lieutenant blames sex crimes on twin, Cheryl Preheim, Nov. 1, 2013

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