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Colorado Group Charged Arrested For Drug Crimes

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | August 30, 2013

In Colorado, police arrested a group of people on charges of drug crimes. 11 individuals were arrested in the drug bust and have been indicted on drug traffic charges for smuggling drugs from Mexico to Colorado. The supposed drug ring spanned from Mexico and had parts in other western states. The drug crimes were discovered by Denver, Colorado police.

According to police, the street value of the drugs that were discovered amounted to almost half of a million dollars. Specifically, the drugs that were confiscated included methamphetamine and cocaine. The meth was in liquid form and was found in water bottles. Some of the meth was smuggled in the bottles and more was taken across the border in the wiper fluid tanks of SUVs.

Police claim that the ring had been smuggling these drugs into the state for over a year. The people that have been arrested in connection with the drug bust face charges for drug trafficking and racketeering. If convicted, they could face more than two decades in prison.

Supposedly, once the liquid meth was smuggled into Colorado, it was then processed into a solid and consumable form of the dangerous drug. It was then distributed. It is not known at the time if there are others that are also suspected of involvement in the drug ring.

At this time, those arrested have not been convicted of any charges of drug crimes that they face. The investigation is ongoing and the accused have the right to build a defense for themselves. Despite any evidence that the state may have, all defendants are considered innocent until proved guilty.

Source: 9news.com, Major bust in Denver after drugs found in sealed flavored-water bottles, No author, Aug. 22, 2013

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