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How Drugs And Addiction Lead To Other Crimes

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | March 9, 2022

Many people think of drug charges as an attack on an adult’s right to be free and make their own choices. Those individuals might be right to a certain extent; however, drug charges can sometimes thwart individuals from embarking on a life that involves very serious crimes.

This isn’t to say that facing drug charges is a good thing for everyone. It’s a proven fact that drugs are sometimes tied up in gang and cartel activity. Laws in this country take cartel activities seriously.

What types of criminal acts might organized crime entail?

People who are selling drugs may be part of organized crime and some who aren’t might be accused. Even if the person isn’t a member of a cartel or gang, they may distribute or sell drugs for an organization. By targeting people who are selling, distributing or trafficking drugs, the legal system sends a message to those organizations. The court is trying to cut down on criminal charges that are related to drugs. Some of these include:

  • Murder or homicide
  • Battery or assault
  • Theft, embezzlement or money laundering
  • Bribery or fraud
  • Pimping or pandering

It’s possible that some people who are being accused of drug crimes, such as distribution, weren’t actually a part of that. Maybe the drugs were truly for personal use and they just had a larger quantity than most. Unfortunately, it might be a tough battle to prove that.

Facing drug charges of any sort is a serious event. You must ensure that you explore the defense strategies that are possible for your case. Taking the time to discuss the matter with someone who’s accustomed to dealing with this type of charge is beneficial. Swift action is often necessary because some options might be time-sensitive.

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