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Fighting Serious Charges Requires a Serious Defense

On Behalf of The Foley Law Firm | December 11, 2015

The most serious crimes a person can be charged with are felonies. These charges can be filed at the state or federal level. There are harsh punishments for felony crimes and that can even include the death penalty in some cases. If you are facing a serious criminal charge, it's important that you have a serious defense.

At The Foley Law Firm, we understand how stressful and even frightening it can be to face a felony criminal charge. However, our attorneys have handled high-pressure trials and have come out on the side of victory.

People who are facing felony charges could lose everything if a guilty verdict is returned. The main attorney at our firm spent time as a prosecutor, so he knows how these cases are approached from the prosecution side. This gives him a unique insight and helps him to build strong, intelligent defenses to people in Colorado.

From murder to robbery to rape, we are experienced in handling all of these types of cases. Everyone deserves to have a defense and it doesn't matter what charge he or she is facing.

To learn more about felony charges, the possible penalties and how a conviction could affect your life, reach out to us. Our website provides a great deal of information on various crimes. Review this information and if you want to know more, get in touch with our law firm.

We are ready to help you as you seek legal advice about your charges. Don't put off getting an attorney on your side and starting a criminal defense against the felony charges you face.

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